Empowering your human capital to be their best so they can better your business

NAKOAWell Corporate Wellness Solutions are built on the principle that everyone has an inner “Warrior.” That voice inside that says, “I deserve the very best out of my life.” NAKOAWell knows that with the right tools, motivation, and support anyone can succeed at getting where they want to be in their wellness journey.

We focus on the individual

What makes us different and allows us to be successful is our individual approach to wellness. We focus on INDIVIDUAL human behavior, motivation, and success factors to ensure the highest return on investment, reduction in medical claims, increased workplace productivity and overall work-life satisfaction.

NAKOAWell is NOT a one size, big box, canned, wellness service. We custom tailor your wellness programming to your specific needs and workplace lifestyles. With the best resources, services, and human capital the industry can offer, we provide the SOLUTION to the problems your workforce faces.

Scientific Approach

We are science-based and place a high value on working with measurable and tangible outcomes. With both onsite and virtual based wellness solutions, NOKOAWell offers state of the art health assessments, custom wellness challenges, education resources, and behavior modification tools. Our services and our staff are developed to elevate the quality of life for you and your employees.

The real difference is in the way we live.

We walk the walk. 
Our own services are put in practice at our workplace.
We’ve been you. We know it’s hard.
We also know that anyone can be NAKOAWell.

Because ultimately we want what YOU want! 
NAKOAWell is all about listening to your problems and providing solutions.
So that you can get where you want to be in your wellness journey.

Most of all we LOVE what we do.
We’ve seen firsthand in how the NAKOAWell way can help individuals live an EXTRAORDINARY life.

Join us.
Become a Warrior for Wellness.


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