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Humans are social creatures. Even the most introverted amongst us needs human interaction in order to be mentally and emotionally healthy. As we live through this defining moment in history, we watch as much of the world is required to practice various levels of quarantine behavior. For many, forced isolation is a challenge on multiple levels.

NAKOAWELL approaches wellness from a holistic perspective, and is here to support you by providing information and resources on how to care for your mind, body and spirit during these troubling times. Although we must avoid physical proximity, we can still come together as a community. In fact, maintaining a close sense of community and social connection – along with nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep – is a crucial aspect of maintaining overall wellness and fortifying the immune system.

This month, we’ll be addressing how to stay healthy, happy, and sane while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.


The majority of the of states in the US, as well as many countries, are enforcing some sort of social distancing or self-quarantine measures to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Believe it or not, the best thing you can do to show your loved ones and your community that you care, is to follow your city or state’s recommendations for “flattening the curve” of the spread. Social interaction plays a big role in overall well-being, so it is important to stay connected with your inner circle. Below are a few ways you can stay connected with your friends, family, and co-workers, while maintaining physical distance.

Host a Zoom Social Chat or Remote Walking Group/ Work out Session – it’s free and some people are even hosting charades with friends and family happy hour nights. Check out this amazing virtual music session by quarantined students at UC Berkeley:

FaceTime or Skype – for one-on-one chats FaceTime and Skype still work great. If you have a hard time with time zones, Marco Polo is another great video messaging program.

Nextdoor appThe Nextdoor app is a great way to organize neighborhood and community efforts. You can set up a phone tree in case someone in your neighborhood needs support. Some neighborhoods are planning a social distance Easter egg hunt by decorating paper eggs and hanging them around their homes. Kids in the neighborhood “collect” eggs by taking photos.

Good Ol’ Facebook! You can set up a group just so you have a place to share stories and tips. You can even set up groups to watch various FB videos and host “watch parties.”


The mind-body connection is constantly being researched by scientists and the medical field. One of the key findings that everyone agrees on is that the state of your mental health has drastic effects on your physical health. Anxiety due to worrying and forced changes to your daily routine can wreak havoc on your physical ability to digest, sleep, process new information, and perhaps most critically at this time, can deplete your immune system.

Below are a few tried and true techniques for increasing your happiness factor which in turn will boost your immune system and keep you running at optimal levels through the good times and the bad.

Breath-based emotional regulation and meditation – deep breathing is proven to reduce anxiety, anger, sadness, and fear by inducing a physical sense of safety. Practice 5-10 deep breaths anytime something in your day crops up that sends you towards an emotional “spiral” and aim to practice 5-10 minutes a day as part of an overall wellness practice. NAKOAWELL offers several resources on breathing, meditation, and mindfulness techniques.

Practice Gratitude – studies prove that practicing gratitude is THE number one way to increase feelings of happiness and allow us to approach our daily lives with more enthusiasm. Try writing down 3 new things you are grateful for each day for 30 days and see what might start to shift for you. It can be as simple as “I’m thankful I have toilet paper today.”

Limit the amount of new information that you take in each day – spending too much time scrolling through your Social Media feed or watching the news can really start to bum you out. While it is important to stay on top of what the WHO and CDC is recommending, be mindful of how much time you spend reading or watching the news,  and notice how too much time on social media affects your mood and productivity.

Try some art – bust out the crafts and paint and see what happens when you spend a little time creating. Not artistically inspired? Try a coloring book! You can download this one for FREE: https://selfcareisforeveryone.com/blogs/in-gratitude-the-blog-of-self-care-is-for-everyone-self-care-station/blog-directory-with-free-resources-coloring-book

Remind yourself that you’re okay. Self talk should be kind and permissive. It’s okay to feel whatever you are experiencing. You are valuable and worthy of self care. Take what you need to get through this time. You are not alone.


The Happy Secret to Better Work ~ Shawn Achor

Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid ~ Guy Winch

How To Succeed? Get More Sleep ~ Arianna Huffington


Recent surveys show that not only do many workers prefer working from home, but that they feel a greater sense of productivity and happiness when working remotely. But in practice, remote work isn’t all sunshine and pajama pants. Working remotely requires strict time and task management, which can be a challenge. Below are a few tips on how you can be your best remote working self.

 – Keep a consistent sleep schedule. We can’t emphasize this one enough. Adequate sleep is vital to your mood, health, and productivity. So while you might be tempted to stay up into the wee hours of the morning binging your latest series, it’s important to keep to a schedule.

Create a commute. For many people, the commute to work is when they “wake up” and get into the proper headspace for the day and tasks ahead. Not having that can be disorienting. To combat this, find a routine that provides the same space to get into the “zone.” Maybe it’s sitting outside with a cup of coffee for 30 minutes by yourself, maybe you lock yourself in the bathroom while you listen to music and spend some extra time with your hairbrush.

Designate your workspace. Having a dedicated workspace will help you keep organized and set the mental distinction between home and work. Make your space pleasant and conducive to work. If you have a door that closes, event better.

Manage Your Time.  Working from home can create blurred lines between work and personal time. Set your time and calendar reminders so that you have clear set hours for when you spend time with family and when you are working. Block out your calendar with tasks so that you can set your priorities and stay on top of deliverable schedules. Equally important is scheduling breaks for snacks, lunch, and exercise. Then, when it’s time to stop working, STOP WORKING. Have a set end time so that you don’t sacrifice family time or end up working into the night. And get to bed on time!


Working from home might have you either forgetting to eat or endlessly grazing. Having an eating routine that includes balanced, nutrition packed foods is fundamental for maintaining your weight, supporting digestion, regulating moods and strengthening immunity. Do your best to avoid excessive sugar and caffeine consumption as well, as they may add to your levels of anxiety. Along with nutrition, make sure you are staying hydrated! Try setting a calendar reminder for meal and snack times. An extra timer for drinking a glass of water every 2 hours will help too! NAKOAWELL provides a ton of nutrition tips and tricks, as well as fantastic coaches who can help you stay on top of your nutrition and wellness. Contact support@nakoawell.com with questions.

If you’re looking for a go-to quarantine snack that will power your brain and boost your energy levels check out the No-bake Energy Balls recipe by True You Complete Health Coach, Kristen Seiff – trueyoulifestyles@gmail.com


  • – 1 cup oatmeal (old fashion)
  • – ⅔ cup toasted unsweetened coconut flakes
  • – ½ cup peanut butter
  • – ½ cup ground flaxseed
  • – ½ cup chia seeds
  • – ⅓ cup honey
  • – ½ cup mini chocolate chips
  • – 1tsp vanilla


  • – Mix all ingredients in a large bowl
  • – Place in refrigerator to chill
  • – Once cold, roll into tablespoon sized balls
  • – Store in refrigerator
  • – Enjoy! (Try not to eat them all in one sitting)

One Pot Curry

For a healthy dinner or meal prep recipe full of immune boosting antioxidants and flavor, check out the speed demo and recipe on our other blog page: http://nakoawell.com/one-pot-yummy-curry/


Clorox shelves looking as empty as a box of Girl Scout cookies? Corona-pocalypse has the shelves that house clorox products bare. And while toilet paper is hard to come by, paper towels are often not as quick to sell out. Try this inexpensive sanitizing wipe recipe by My Heavenly Recipes.com to keep your surfaces and hands disinfected!


  •  –  2 cups distilled water
  •  – 1 cup rubbing (Isopropyl) alcohol (70-91% concentration)
  •  – 1 TBSP dish soap
  •  – 3 drops tea tree oil (optional but does have a nice antibacterial/antimicrobial kick in addition to a pleasant smell)
  •  – 1 Paper towel  roll


  • – Cut paper towel roll in half using a serrated knife
  • – Place half roll in a large jar or plastic tub
  • – Mix all fluid ingredients together
  • – Pour over paper towel roll (depending on the thickness & absorbency of paper towel brand you may need to double the recipe)


Worried about the “Quarantine-15”? Working from home doesn’t mean you are sentenced to the couch! There are so many ways to stay active at home! You can still get out for a walk each day, so maybe hop on a virtual walking group Zoom call or just FaceTime during a long walk. Online classes are a finger tap away on almost every social media outlet. NAKOAWELL offers online and TeamBldr classes to their members and corporate clients. To find out how to access contact support@nakoawell.com. You can also try a standing desk workspace to keep the circulation going. And don’t underestimate the power of multi-tasking! You can do crunches and other workouts using your couch cushions, while you are binge watching Tiger King, or even try this blood pumping at-home body-weight workout, no equipment required!

For most people, staying at home while the world works to contain this pandemic is troubling at the least. Finding ways to use this time to reflect and perhaps re-prioritize some aspects of our life can be one of the many positive outcomes of the situation. Find ways to practice gratitude and connect with people you love or whom you may have lost touch with. NAKOAWELL is always here for support. Take the time to practice self care. We are sending healthy and good vibes to all you readers.

Our standard sign off is perhaps most apropos during this time: BE WELL