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Building Better Business From The Inside Out

We’re about the journey not just the destination. We empower people to live healthier, happier, more balanced lives so that they can enjoy life to the fullest and live to the peak of their potential.

We don’t put you in a box
Our corporate solutions are custom tailored to your workforce, culture, and needs. With onsite and remote offerings, we remove the excuses and go straight to results.

Seamless solutions
Our services work for the way YOU work. We offer fully integratable and responsive web and mobile app capabilities, so you never miss a beat.

Our programs are based on rewards.
We find that rewarding good behavior has long lasting and sustainable outcomes.

Measurable outcomes
With our coaching and behavior modification components, results and ROI are measurable and identifiable. We harness year over year reporting to “show you the money!”

The word NAKOA derives from the Hawaiian language and means, “The Brave Warrior.” For us, this word serves as a source of inspiration and a constant reminder of what we want to embody on a daily basis. Being a true warrior is about dedication, consistency, fortitude and reliability.

The “NAKOA Warrior Mindset” is the essence which we infuse into all of our clients, employees, and communities. It is what we believe it takes to live an extraordinary life in health, wellness, and business.


Classic Warrior

Everything you need to make Wellness a focus at your business. With “Wellness Rewards,” health measurements and challenge activities, you’ll watch your employees shift perspective on how they approach work and life.

Warrior PLUS

Everything in the "Classic Warrior Program," PLUS unlimited access to wellness and life coaching. Our certified and experienced coaches are a key success factor in the success of behavior modification. Our programs are proven to reduce medical premiums and claims over time by increasing healthy behaviors. And healthy behaviors can lead to a reduction or elimination for the need of certain types of medication, reduction in health risk costs, reduction in smoking and alcohol use, reduction in depressive behaviors, as well as a reduction in sick days and “presenteeism.” We see the most increase in workplace productivity, satisfaction, and work-life balance when a coaching component is included in programming.

Elite Warrior

Everything in the Warrior PLUS package AND access to custom, onsite offerings such as:

  • Performance measurements and assessments
  • Workplace therapeutics
  • Workplace ergonomic consultations
  • Onsite Fitness Classes
  • Onsite Walking Groups and Challenges
  • Onsite cooking demonstrations
  • …And more…

As an Elite Warrior, you will also unlock access to our library of wellness resources, lessons, three annual remote webinars, and other customizable events and support.

A la Carte

Already have a basic wellness program in place but looking to be just a little “Extra”? We offer a variety of remote and onsite components that can add a little sparkle to your workplace. Let us talk to you and find out what will be most appropriate for you and your employees.


We provide a suite of onsite services that can be customized to your specific population's needs and desires. Let us talk to you to discover what is possible and open the door to your wellness solutions, today!

Coaching Only

Sometimes you just want a helping hand. Our coaching services grant access to weekly support sessions to specified behavior modification programs that focus on your unique needs. Let us talk to you about which coaching options will serve you best.

Who We Are

The work NAKOA is the Hawaiian word for “The Brave Warrior.” NAKOAWell is built on this “Warrior Mindset” and principle that all human beings are capable of performing at their best and living their lives to the fullest.

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What We Do

NAKOAWell corporate wellness solutions are built on the principle that everyone has an inner “Warrior”. That voice inside that says “I deserve the very best out of my life”. NAKOAWell knows that with the right tools, motivation, and support anyone can succeed at getting where they want to be on their wellness journey.

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How We Do It

NAKOAWell corporate wellness programming and solutions are built on the basic principle that the best things in life are worth working for. To get the best, we give the best. We work smart AND hard to bring the most innovative, creative and effective solutions to the indusrtry.

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Join us.

Become a Warrior for Wellness.